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Established in 2013 as a freelancing firm now grew to a private limited firm; to steer customers through the next generation of business innovation powered by technology with state-of-the-art business automation, software development and consultation services. Daxton IT Services & Solutions Private Limited is specialized in the Technical business industry providing business tools to reduce the manual effort and increase the accuracy.

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The service we offer is meticulously crafted to cater to your individual requirements, ensuring a personalized experience that surpasses all standards. With a keen focus on detail and a commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing satisfaction at every turn

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Digital Transformation
Company that believes in the power of Digital Transformation

Our vision is to become a world-class Web & Business Solution provider and to provide clients with innovated technical and business solutions by utilizing industry standards and technology.

Daxton IT Services & Solutions Private Limited is powered by highly skilled professionals of Developers, Managers, UI Designers, Mobile App developers, and executives equipped with the latest managerial and IT tools to assure the timely delivery of your applications with the highest quality.

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Client-Centric excellence

Our mission is to deliver client-centric excellence in every aspect of our IT solution services

Driven Technological advancements

As an IT solution services company, our mission is to be at the forefront of technological advancements

Enabling seamless progress

Provide exceptional services that enable businesses to progress seamlessly in the digital realm


A website of a Professional Dog Breeader and VP of Goa Kennel Club of India.

Abnave Kennel


Ecommerce Solution for Pet Food & Supplies under our Brand. Only in Pune
Social Networking & Dating. India's first Social Networking & Dating Website
Bringing in Railway Parcel Services Online. Users can now book online

Railway Parcel


DITSS is the Technical & Digital Marketing Consultant for Sales Syllabus.

2017 Consulting & Sales Syllabus


Online Booking services and website for Roxton Kennel - Dog Boarding/Hostel Services.
Workforce Management (WFM) Application - Solutions to
Man Plan

ManPlan is not just a tool; it's a strategic ally in the optimization of your workforce, designed to tackle the complexities and uncertainties of modern business operations
ManPlan can be integrated with other applications to build an end-to-end process flow that it can result in 100% automation. Operations-Recruitment-Training-Operations

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Manpower Efficiency

Efficiently aligning available manpower with organizational needs is a constant struggle. Poor workforce planning can result in underutilized resources or, conversely, overburdened teams

Scheduling Complexity

As businesses grow, so does the complexity of scheduling. Balancing employee preferences, compliance requirements, and operational demands often becomes a juggling act for HR professionals

Resource Allocation

Ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time is a puzzle that many organizations find challenging to solve. Efficient resource allocation is vital for maintaining productivity and service quality

Real-Time Visibility

Lack of real-time visibility into staffing needs and workforce performance can lead to reactive decision-making. Organizations need a proactive approach to stay ahead in the fast-paced business environment